Friday, May 23, 2008

$4/gallon for gas? So What

Here's my new mode of transportation. It gets 75 miles to the gallon and it's really fun to ride!
I've been putting about 40 miles a day on my truck just going back and forth to work and going home for lunch to let Henry out of his den so the gas costs were rising fast. The scooter will pay for itself in one and a half summers but that figure was for $3.50/gal so it may pay for itself sooner.
Another interesting thing is since the time we bought the scooter in April, the price has gone up 20% on them. Demand is increasing so, as Sarah pointed out, if we have to sell it next year because my teaching job is past scooterability distance, we might be able to sell it for the same price we bought it for even being "broken in".
I have 600 miles on it and have had one older lady pull out in front of me where I had to slam on the brakes and lock up the rear wheel.
The scooter will go up to 50 mph so no highway driving but it works great to keep up with traffic around town.


Sarah said...

I think the scooter looks like an insect. But, Tim looks very cool driving it. And, I love the fact the gas budget doesn't have to keep going up, and up and up. Gas is $4.03- $4.09 a gallon here this weekend!

Rebecca said...


Love the scooter but I'm not sure where you put the golf clubs! Maybe a benefit of moving to Arkansas is that gas is only $3.69 here right now.