Saturday, June 28, 2008

No fetal pole, yet

At my doctor's office on Thursday, I had my first post positive beta ultrasound. Tim wasn't able to be with me because of his trip. He'll be there next time, though! We saw the implanted embryo. Dr. Young thought he should be able to see the fetal pole (central nervous system -- I think) but wasn't able to find it. We also saw the other embryo, it had implanted, but not grown very much. That one will most likely just be reabsorbed back into the uterine lining. Dr. Young was pretty calm about no fetal pole, just said that all pregnancies were different, and we'd be able to know for sure in 2 weeks. In 2 weeks, if we see the fetal pole and the embryo has grown the way it should, then we're back on track. If it hasn't, then the pregnancy won't be viable.

Of course, I'm worried. But -- our take on this is we don't really have any control over whether it will turn out to be viable or not. It helped that I talked to a friend who had twins via IVF and at her first ultrasound, one fetal pole was visible and the other was not. The second one showed up 2 weeks later and now he's a rambunctious 4 year old. Plus, if the fetus isn't developing like it should, it's better to know now.

So please just keep thinking about us and praying for us. I'll let you know the outcome of ultrasound #2 in 2 weeks!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Where in the world are Tim and Sarah?

Really, the title should be, Where in the United States are Tim and Sarah? Sorry for not posting in so long, but we've both been gone, and not at the same time.

I traveled for work earlier this week and managed to be in 3 states in 3 days. We went to Ohio and North Carolina and back to Michigan to look at potential places to manufacture a new product I'm working on. I hadn't traveled in a while, so it wore me out. Not to mention that I had to do my own shot each day. The travel times didn't always fit well with the shot times. One night I even gave it in the bathroom of a nice restaurant. I only got a few stares from other patrons! I got back late Wednesday night, just in time to high-five Tim as he was on his way out the door early Thursday morning.

I had a note from the doctor's office to carry the needles and syringes on in my carry on. I thought it might be difficult to get 1.5 in long needles through security, but they never even called it out for checking. I checked the TSA website and it doesn't mention needles on their lists. The airline had said to make sure the Rx info was on the medicine and needles and that they were sure I'd have to explain it. I don't know whether to think the screeners missed them, or if they are considered OK.

Tim is now gone -- off to Fort Meyers, FL for a trade show. He won't be back until Saturday night. (So I'm continuing to give my own shot -- sound a bit obsessed here, don't I?). The nice thing is that he'll be able to catch up with his Stepdad, Stan and Stan's wife Karen. They are great folks who live on a river East of Fort Meyers, on the way to Lake Okeechobee.

So Henry and I will have a nice weekend to ourselves. Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into without Tim around!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I can do this . . .

I did it! I gave myself the PIO shot tonight. 1.5 in needle right into the outer, upper quadrant of the buttocks. I tried last night with Tim standing by and totally freaked out. He had to do it in the end because I was almost hyperventilating. Of course, when we are in the same place, I will have him do it. Now, though, I have the confidence that I can do this and traveling won't be quite so worrisome. This means that the shots won't start to rule my life. Whew! big sigh of relief. I now feel the need to take a nap.

Friday, June 13, 2008


We are (barely 2 weeks) pregnant! My Beta HCG tests on Wednesday and today showed the right and increasing levels of the hormone. The nurses did not say, but my research seems to point out that the level and the fact it doubled for the second test (as it was supposed to) points to one baby.

I'm to continue the shots and estrace until my OB appointment with Dr. Young on 6/26. If all is as it should be, sometime after that they will release me to my regular OB/GYN. I hear tell that the shots could continue for a while -- 6-8 weeks total is not uncommon. The injected progesterone, however, is a good thing for supporting the pregnancy. The issue I face, and will have to figure out as soon as tomorrow, is how to give the shot to myself. All the sub-cue shots were fine. In fact, they became no big deal. This is a 1.5 in needle that has to go in at a 90 degree angle. I tried tonight, but just couldn't watch it going in. I close my eyes when I swing a bat -- how can I actually look at a needle going into my flesh?

Tim is gone tomorrow and won't be back in time for the shot. I could get someone else to help me, but in another week I will travel for work 3 days. As soon as I come back, Tim leaves and is gone for 4 days. I'll have to do the shot for 7 days straight . . . No one said being a mom was going to be easy!

An IVF pregnancy, outside of the progesterone shots, is not any different than an early pregnancy gained in the more conventional way. So, we are announcing it on the blog, but not making any big announcement until we get through the first trimester danger zone.

The other issue right now is that I actually look 4 months pregnant. I've got abdominal fluid build up due to hyper stimulated ovaries. It's totally unfair that I've lost my waist already! We're monitoring it -- it should slowly subside on it's own. Which I really do hope is the case. If it doesn't, they have to aspirate the fluid build up out of the abdomen.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we've made it this far, and have much more road to travel.

We Doo-Dahed all day long

Last weekend we went to the Doo-Dah parade! I love a parade (don't you?) and this one is especially fun. No reason for it, other than to be silly and do a bit of parody. Basically, community groups sign up and have a silly theme. Like the Kalamazoo Pug Meet Up group -- their pugs were members of Pug Scout Troop 101. Their motto "Pugs, not drugs." All the pugs had cub scout like bandannas on as they walked in the parade. There must have been 30 pugs -- what a sight! Every animal rescue group in Kazoo was in the parade too. Turns out there are at least 4. So sad that there are so many unwanted cats and dogs. The picture is of the "Tribal Revival Samba Band" as they marched past. No idea who they were, but everyone was dancing as they went by.

Later we hit the juried art fair and some other artisans and got good birthday and Christmas gifts. Tim did great through the parade and the first part of the art fair. But, I really think art fairs rank up there with torture for him! Poor guy. He had a shorter shelf-life than the 4 year olds we were with. Or maybe it was because of the 4 year olds?

Tuesday, Henry had a great adventure. At least he thought so. Tim was mowing the yard and I was in the house resting after my shot when the phone rang. I let it go to the answering machine and checked it about 10 minutes later. It was a friend saying he thought Henry was over at his house -- trying to visit with his dog, Pilot. Henry had just been over to Pilot's house the night before and they played together for almost 2 hours. He jumped the fence in our back yard, avoided Tim in the front and then found his way to Pilot's house -- this is at least a 10 minute walk from our house. He must know the way as we walk a loop that takes us past there a couple times a week, but what a shocker! It was a good thing they were home and Pilot was in the yard, or where would he have gone next?

Still waiting on test results today. Will post when I have an answer!

Friday, June 6, 2008


BIG band of Spring/Summer T-storms drove in from Lake Michigan this afternoon. Look at the size of the hail we got! 3, count'em, 3 Tornado Warnings. No confirmed touch downs, though.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here are the twins...embryos anyway.
50% chance one of them grows into a bambino, 25% chance they both do.
I tried to offer the Doc some Elmers Glue while he was putting the "kids" back in Sarah but he didn't go for it. Now we'll just have to rely on them liking where they are and wanting to stick around and grow. (Sarah won't drink any glue either, even mixed with milk.) Actually, I'm giving Sarah a progesterone shot every night in the keister so that's supposed to help the embryos stick around.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Embryo Transfer

We transferred 2 excellent embryos and have a picture of them, in all their 4 cell glory! We went with 2 on the advice of the doctor. Since my problem is not ovulating, the thought is more than two embryos really ups the chances of multiples. Of course, it would also up the chances of getting pregnant, but not by much. If none implant, I'll wish we had put back more, but that's something to think about a few weeks from now. Two days of bed rest and limited activity and then back to normal. Or as normal with the addition of every other minute thinking "am I pregnant, or not?"

I thought I'd be going stir crazy toward the end of my two days of no activity. The first day of bed rest on Saturday was no problem, I just kept sleeping. Somehow when I lie down, my body thinks it's supposed to sleep. Probably good anyway. I'm still sleepy today and have slept in between reading Barbara Kingsolver's newest book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I've read all her books, except this one and it's been waiting on my shelf for some down time. The book is about the year her family spent growing most of their own food and eating locally. Very cool, and something that we've talked about in vague terms. I'm feeling very unworthy, though, as Tim goes to the grocery to get a roasted chicken for dinner, but I'm sure that will pass!

I'm also reading another book -- this one for a book study/small group at church. It's Irresistible Revolution- living as an ordinary radical, by Shane Claiborne. Very difficult to summarize as I'm only in the middle of chapter 5. I'll write more about it as we go and about the group of people that are reading and talking about it together.

On one final note, the radishes are up in the garden! Haven't seen it since Wednesday, so hope all is OK. I'll be able to water it tomorrow.