Friday, June 13, 2008

We Doo-Dahed all day long

Last weekend we went to the Doo-Dah parade! I love a parade (don't you?) and this one is especially fun. No reason for it, other than to be silly and do a bit of parody. Basically, community groups sign up and have a silly theme. Like the Kalamazoo Pug Meet Up group -- their pugs were members of Pug Scout Troop 101. Their motto "Pugs, not drugs." All the pugs had cub scout like bandannas on as they walked in the parade. There must have been 30 pugs -- what a sight! Every animal rescue group in Kazoo was in the parade too. Turns out there are at least 4. So sad that there are so many unwanted cats and dogs. The picture is of the "Tribal Revival Samba Band" as they marched past. No idea who they were, but everyone was dancing as they went by.

Later we hit the juried art fair and some other artisans and got good birthday and Christmas gifts. Tim did great through the parade and the first part of the art fair. But, I really think art fairs rank up there with torture for him! Poor guy. He had a shorter shelf-life than the 4 year olds we were with. Or maybe it was because of the 4 year olds?

Tuesday, Henry had a great adventure. At least he thought so. Tim was mowing the yard and I was in the house resting after my shot when the phone rang. I let it go to the answering machine and checked it about 10 minutes later. It was a friend saying he thought Henry was over at his house -- trying to visit with his dog, Pilot. Henry had just been over to Pilot's house the night before and they played together for almost 2 hours. He jumped the fence in our back yard, avoided Tim in the front and then found his way to Pilot's house -- this is at least a 10 minute walk from our house. He must know the way as we walk a loop that takes us past there a couple times a week, but what a shocker! It was a good thing they were home and Pilot was in the yard, or where would he have gone next?

Still waiting on test results today. Will post when I have an answer!

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