Sunday, June 1, 2008

Embryo Transfer

We transferred 2 excellent embryos and have a picture of them, in all their 4 cell glory! We went with 2 on the advice of the doctor. Since my problem is not ovulating, the thought is more than two embryos really ups the chances of multiples. Of course, it would also up the chances of getting pregnant, but not by much. If none implant, I'll wish we had put back more, but that's something to think about a few weeks from now. Two days of bed rest and limited activity and then back to normal. Or as normal with the addition of every other minute thinking "am I pregnant, or not?"

I thought I'd be going stir crazy toward the end of my two days of no activity. The first day of bed rest on Saturday was no problem, I just kept sleeping. Somehow when I lie down, my body thinks it's supposed to sleep. Probably good anyway. I'm still sleepy today and have slept in between reading Barbara Kingsolver's newest book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I've read all her books, except this one and it's been waiting on my shelf for some down time. The book is about the year her family spent growing most of their own food and eating locally. Very cool, and something that we've talked about in vague terms. I'm feeling very unworthy, though, as Tim goes to the grocery to get a roasted chicken for dinner, but I'm sure that will pass!

I'm also reading another book -- this one for a book study/small group at church. It's Irresistible Revolution- living as an ordinary radical, by Shane Claiborne. Very difficult to summarize as I'm only in the middle of chapter 5. I'll write more about it as we go and about the group of people that are reading and talking about it together.

On one final note, the radishes are up in the garden! Haven't seen it since Wednesday, so hope all is OK. I'll be able to water it tomorrow.


alli-lou said...

I loved Animal Vegetable Miracle!! It definitely spurred our dedication to the local farmers' market :) And I can't wait to hear the news on how the embryos do! I've got my fingers crossed for you :)

Stephanie said...

Enjoy the bed rest while you can. There will be no resting once the baby(ies) get here! :)

katiedouglas said...

Only 2 implanted?! There goes my plan for you to give me one if you have 3 babies!!!