Monday, June 1, 2009

So Darn Funny!

A couple of really, really funny things have made me laugh out loud recently. Check out the following blog, Be sure not to miss March 26th, March 18th and February 4th. Tim came in from the other room just to see what was up as I was laughing so hard it made me wheeze!

On NPR last week they talked to the web master for the New York Times website. He was talking about the most searched topics on their site. Most were obvious, like Korea, Obama, etc. One had him and the host stumped, however. It was May 4, 2009. They invited listeners to email if they knew what it was. Turns out it is a self-declared holiday by Star Wars fans. They chose that day to celebrate their fandom so they could say to each other "May the 4th be with you." Go on, say it out loud. You know you wanna! I keep chuckling over that one . . .

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coloradoscotts said...

Love it! Thanks for posting!