Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Fun!

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day, if a bit chilly. Still, that meant that Stella could wear the beautiful wooly lambie coat that Grandma Judi had gotten her over her cute little Easter dress and sweater (a Target find -- nothin' but the best for our princess :-). First thing in the morning, she opened the Easter basket Grandma Mary Lou had given her. Mommy was more excited about this than she was. She got finger puppets from the Big Bunny and books full of fun stories-- I'm sure she'll be more interested in them as she gets older.

Stella behaved beautifully at church and everyone ohhed and ahhhed over how beautiful she looked in her coat, dress and fuzzy bunny slippers (from my friend Jen and her daughter Anna -- passing along things that Anna has outgrown). But, the real excitement began just as we got home. Stella let us know that she was quite hungry. After all, celebrating the resurrection is hard work! As Daddy fed her, Mommy was tidying up in her room. Daddy rushed in saying, "I think she pooped." As Mommy stepped in to change the dirty diaper, Daddy realized that not only had she pooped in her disposable diaper, she had blow it out! The bloomers were soaked, the dress too, and -- look at the big spot on Daddy's pants! And, as he retraced his steps, whoops, there were some spots on the floor too! It's a good thing we are used to dealing with dog and cat spots on the rug; we had just the stuff to clean it off. A short soak and some Shout! took care of the clothing, and soon everything was good as new. The moral of this story is that cloth diapers are much better at containing big poopies. And that Stella apparently doesn't like to dress up!

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