Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We're bad bloggers!

Lots of fun stuff going on around here. Just no time to write it all down. Over Memorial day Tim went on his annunal fishing trip with buddy Scott and Stella and I went to Ohio to visit. Had a wonderful time, but somehow most of the pictures ended up on other peoples cameras. The day after I got back from the Memorial day trip, I was off to Orlando for work. Tim and Stella flew down to Ft. Meyers the following Friday and I joined them in visiting with Stan and Karen. Stella did not enjoy the flights and the people around her enjoyed them even less. Soooo glad we're not getting on another plane with her any time soon! So much more to say about the trip and what we've been up to since then, but I know you're really here for the pictures :-)

With Cousin Sami (my cousin Scott's oldest daughter)

With Grandmary's Jamie.  She's still little . . .

On Sanibel Island

First Dip in the Water!

She loved the pool!

Baby Butt!  The cutest ever :-)

Grandpa Stan and Grandma Karen

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Katie said...

YAY for pictures!!! Oh little naked baby in pool. How cute!