Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I just may bite your head off!

I am usually very slow to respond to the Follistim, so this time the doc started me on much higher levels -- 150 IU right out of the gate. Holy Crap! This is the worst PMS I've ever had. It's not physical, it's all mental. I do feel bloated, not bad, just to notice. The biggest deal is that I have a verrrrry short fuse. Little things make me want to use very bad words and be very rude. I'm trying my best not to say these things outside my head, but it's really difficult. Poor Tim, he's going to bear the brunt of it.
I also have big mood swings and difficulties keeping on track at work (a tough job in the best of circumstances). I got a chair massage yesterday, and that helped for a bit. I'm also doing a lot of deep breathing and mental focus stuff to keep from losing it. I'm counting down the days until we're through this part of the cycle and the drugs ease up. Or maybe until I adjust to them and they don't hit me quite so hard.  Some good stuff coming up -- trip to Chicago to see friends over the weekend -- so hopefully that will keep me distracted. Prayers for keeping my sh*t together accepted!

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