Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stella is a genius -- and we're in trouble!

One of the best things about parenting is the entertainment value in seeing your child learn and grow.  There is also usually some pride associated with it, like, "look at my kid!"  Today Stella hit a new milestone, one she is very proud of.  Me, not so much.  She learned how to take her diaper cover off.  For those of you who aren't familiar with cloth dipes, that means that the soggy, poopy cotton diaper was exposed and there were some suspiciously damp spots on her sheet.  She was very happy waking up from her nap and when I went in to get her from her, handed the cover to me with a great big grin!

Not a catastrophe, yet.  She hasn't learned how to take the snappie (the ingenious doohickey that holds the diaper closed) off.  Once that happens, well, we're in for even more fun!  Especially if it's a poopy diaper . . .

She's definitely hit a growth spurt in terms of learning how to do things.  She can now go up and down the shorter steps on the deck by herself.  She uses the railing to support herself and keep her balance.  She doesn't want to crawl down any set of stairs any longer, she waits for us to give us her hands so she can 'walk' down like everyone else does.  She's also decided that her sippy cups are no fun for water.  She wants to drink her water out of our sports bottles.  She's quite logical -- when she knew Daddy was in the back yard, but couldn't see him, she went to the window in the bedroom (at the other end of the house) to get the right angle to see him.  She's never looked out this widow before, but she just kept going until she could see Tim.  Give her enough time, and she can just about figure out how anything opens, or closes or which buttons to push to make it work.  And, she's loving the new iPad Tim has for class next year.  I hear toddlers understand how to make it iPads work really fast!  All of this is on target for her age (almost 18 months), and it is really keeping us on our toes. 

In other news, the drugs are still making me crazy, I've just started to get used to it.  Mostly I've just been eating a lot.  I call it eating my inner bitch into submission.   It's working, so far, but I can't continue this without a big weight gain.  One of the purposes for losing the baby weight and then some was to be at a healthier weight for this cycle to support a better chance of pregnancy.  

Our big plans for the weekend now won't start until Sunday afternoon because of the crazy holiday weekend schedule for the doctor's office.  They won't do ultrasounds on Saturday, but they're happy to do them on Sunday.  Huh?  Whatever, it is what it is, and I just have to suck it up.  I have a 7:30 appointment in GR (1 hr away) so it's an early start to the day, but that means we can get on the road early too.  There is a pretty good chance the next appointment will be Tuesday, so I hope we don't have to come home early. 

Happy 4th of July!  Hope you get to enjoy some great fireworks.

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