Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ugh! Who wants ovaries the size of hens eggs?

So your normal ovary is the size of a walnut.  Mine are currently at least the size of a regular egg, hedging toward tennis ball size.  Try stuffing that into the same space that was once a walnut.  My belly is so bloated that I look pregnant already.  Oh joy -- I really do want to look pregnant -- when I'm actually pregnant! 

I have one whole vial of Follistim in the fridge that I didn't even use.  I'll donate it to the RE practice as they will give it to someone who can use it and doesn't have coverage.  I only used about 50 IUs out of another vial, but that one can't be used by anyone else.  Such a waste of tiny little tubes that cost $400 each!  (Now that we're through the deductible, the meds only cost me 10% -- thank goodness for a bit of insurance coverage.  Our fist two cycles we paid full price for them out of pocket.  That really hurt!)

The process of getting through the last bits of monitoring and getting ready for the transfer really messed up our holiday weekend.  I had an appointment on Sunday morning.  Because it makes more sense for the holiday for the office to not do ultrasounds on Saturday and instead do them on Sunday.  Let's give everyone Saturday off, have them work Sunday and then have Monday off?  Not sure how that works, but such is life.  After the appointment on Sunday, the nurse told me to make an appointment for Tuesday morning for more monitoring.  Did that and took off to Chicago to see Kate, Jen and their families.  Just as we got to Chicago, the nurse called and told me the "good news."  No appointment on Tuesday, but I needed to do the trigger shot Monday night -- those specialty pharmacy meds were still in MI because the didn't need to be used until after that Tuesday appointment.  Sigh, we had to leave Monday afternoon to get back home in time to do the trigger shot.  All in all, we were in Chicago for less than 30 hours. 

We still managed to pack in quite a bit of fun into those 30 hours.  The kids played hard.  I've never seen Stella so busy.  She was the youngest there (the next in age is 2 1/2), but the older kids were great with her and she loved trying to mimic them.  Monday morning all the kids were so very tired, they practically fell asleep over breakfast.  We saw a great parade with, count 'em, three marching bands!  I do sure love me a parade with marching bands :-)  No fireworks, though, which really bummed me out.  I love, love, love fireworks.  Tim found the New York City ones on TV, and we watched them.  Outstanding, even on TV.  It made me remember all those years ago that I went into NYC with my friend Ivonne and watched the fireworks from a rooftop where a friend of hers lived. 

Embryo transfer is scheduled for Friday at noon.  Hope I survive until then with my achy swollen abdomen.  I seem to remember that this ovarian distension persisted for weeks after the transfer and into my pregnancy -- not sure if it was with Stella or with the previous pregnancies. Still, I'll take all of this and more for the chance to have another child. 

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