Thursday, July 21, 2011

When Ovaries Attack!

What happens when your ovaries overreact?  They get very angry and take it out on you.   Mine are quite miffed about having to work again for this cycle and the transfer.  They have overreacted and I’m experiencing Medium Ovarian Hyperstimulation (sure would hate to see severe!).  That means my abdomen has swelled so large with fluid that I look 6 months pregnant and I’m incredibly uncomfortable.  The nurse said after my ultrasound today “I’d be really uncomfortable if my ovaries looked like your do.”  I stayed in bed all day today and still don’t feel any better.  The extra blood work and everything seems like there isn’t any imminent danger, so I’m just supposed to take it easy.  Can’t really sit in a chair for very long, so going to work is out . . . trying to see how much work I can actually get done.  Very curious as to why the hyperstimulated ovaries result in abdominal fluid accumulation.  The reaction is supposed to peak at 3 weeks after the trigger shot (next Monday) so we'll see how well I survive. 

There is some (potential) good news.  The first beta test was 67 – very decent for me and in line with what we saw with Stella.  The second today was only 119 – not doubling like they want it to do.  We’ll retest on Monday and see where we end up.  I’ve been so sure (inside) that this round was going to work as well, that I’m a bit stunned by this non-doubling.  Still – it is what it is – and nothing I can do will change it.  We’re not down and out yet, but definitely not out of the woods.  Ultrasound on Aug. 4th will be more telling and then we’ll have an idea if the embryo has a heartbeat (which is should) and is progressing as it should otherwise.  We leave for our fabulous Maine vacation on the 11th.  Cutting it close – I know – but it’s how all the timing worked out.  We do have trip insurance if I’m going to miscarry, but that would totally suck in several ways.  No baby and no vacation.  Praying so hard it doesn’t come to that! 

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