Sunday, July 31, 2011

It was a very busy week

Thank God Stella did not have hand foot and mouth disease.  She also didn’t have any more bouts of night terrors.  I’m also feeling better.  Some of the fluid has dissipated and I no longer am quite as uncomfortable.  My mom’s visit was great over the first weekend Tim was gone.  The week went by fast, and we did miss him, but we also had some fun.  Dinner with friends on Monday, a great walk with Bea on Tuesday and good evenings together the rest of the week.  I even got to take the day off on Friday and take Stella to her music together class.  I really have not given Tim enough credit for taking her the past weeks.  Totally not his thing at all!  We sang together and did silly things and the kids ran around.  Not that he can’t be silly, but it just shows how much he loves that crazy little girl that he sat on the floor and sang silly songs and made faces with another group of adults.  We met up with friends Saturday morning for a short park play session and then Stella and I both had great naps before Tim and the team returned Saturday evening.
I haven’t heard all the stories, but the mission trip was successful.  Homes were repaired, new connections made and the whole group really got to experience the transformative power of faith and being the hands and feet of Christ.  The girls apparently rocked at manual labor and wielding tools.  The pig at the home where Tim and his team worked even friended the them on facebook.  Not too bad for a week’s work! 
We’re hanging in there for the ultrasound on Thursday.  I’m not feeling great.  There is cramping and a little bit of spotting, so I’m trying to be hopeful without being unrealistic.  We’ve been talking a little bit about what it might mean if this round is also a no-go.  I’m not sure what that would be, yet.  We’ll cross the bridge when we need to.  Most importantly, even if this is a flat-out bust, we’re in this together and I’m so grateful for my wonderful husband.  I had to wait a long time to find him, I guess waiting even longer to build the family we so desire isn’t the worst that could happen!  
Stella has been extra cute the past few weeks, and that makes me want a second child even more.  I know that another child will be his/her own person and not exactly like Stella, but having daily reminders of how amazing it is to bring a child into the world and nurture their growth just reinforces parenting is worth all this bother. 
Now, it's off to bed for my very, very, very early morning flight to check out some flour mills.  The new job in quality is always keeping me on my toes! 

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