Saturday, January 23, 2010

Goodby Isolet, hello home!

Stella is continuing to do remarkably well. She's now out of the isolet and into a small, open "crib". She's now regulating her own body tempurature so that's why she's out of the isolet. She also managed to pull out her gastro feeding tube yesterday, not once but twice so the nurses took that as a sign that she was quite done with it, thank you very much. So no more gastro tube stuck to her face.
Wait, that's not all! She's been so stable all of her sticky probes have been removed from her as well so she's totally clear of any wires or tubes. That's my girl!!
What this all means is STELLA'S COMING HOME!!! ( eyes are leaking a bit....)
Stella just has to eat all of her meals (by that I mean suck the bottle dry) and maintain her body temp for the next day or two and she'll be cleared to come on home.
We are ready for her at the house so come on baby, you can do it!

Stella in "Crib"

Isolet in Background

Proud mama knitting


Katie said...

My eyes might leak too! I cant wait!!

Richard Derenne said...

What great news! Go Stella go!! We keep praying for you all.