Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three Steps Forward, half step back

Stella is still progressing nicely. She was taken of the IV, no longer has the blue rubi light glowing on her and she's up to 40ml each feeding. Those are the three steps forward. The half step back was her body temp got down to 95.5 for a short while so the nurse brought in the heat lamp and shone it on her, added some warm blankets and turned up the temp in the isolet. Those actions got Stella's temp back up to 98.2 and stable so she's back to having the tempurature probe stuck on her for the time being. I was with her until 9 last night and her temp stayed stable but I didn't get the chance to hold her on my chest as I wanted her to stay in the isolet and keep a stable temp. The exact cause of the temp drop is unknown but best guess is with all of the three changes done to her, Stella needed some time to adjust so no big worries, just a half step back.

Sarah and Stella in the Isolet

Stella's Room

Stella with no IV poked into her leg.

Stella under the heat lamp.

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Katie said...

Thank you so much for these pictures! This gives me a much better understanding of the NICU. I cant wait to meet her!!