Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's been a full day for Stella being home and I woke up at 3:30 this afternoon after being up all night until Sarah took over this morning at 7.
Sarah had a fantastic idea that is working wonders for Stella's burping.
Part of the development for a new baby is called tummy time.  The baby is placed on the floor face down while someone is constantly watching it.  That makes the baby want to raise it's head and try to push on with it's arms.  The end result is muscle development that will come into play later when crawling starts to happen.
Anyway...Sarah did some tummy time with Stella today and found that burps come out quite nicely during tummy time so Sarah did that during her feedings today and Stella's eating volume skyrocketed.  A normal good feeding is about 40ml.  Today, Stella has had two 60ml feedings with a 30 ml "snack" in between.
She's waking herself up about every three hours so that's an excellent sign.
Our dog Beatrice met Stella today as she's was going crazy since yesterday, knowing that something was up.

Stella in livng room with mom.

Stella saying "no more pictures"

Bea watching Stella

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