Friday, January 8, 2010

Stella Day Two

Stella is doing spectacular!  She's eating 6mm of milk each feeding already.  She started with 4mm so going to six on day two is a great sign.  Stella's exit pipes are working, both front and back, as we found out today at the 12 noon diaper changing.  That's another good sign.  The ambient temperature in her isolet is down a bit and she's maintining her body tempurature so that's another good sign.
I was able to have kangaroo time with her today and it was one of the best three hours I've spent in my life.  My baby girl naked but a diaper laying on my bare chest with my button down flannel shirt wrapped around the little tyke to keep her warm.  We were both in bliss.  Sarah is being discharged today so we should be home later this evening.
Thank you all for your comments, keep 'em coming.  I'm going to print them out and save them so Stella can read them later in life and see how many great people were rooting her on.
Daddy Kirk

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