Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stella the Sophisticate

Stella enjoyed the tunes coming from my iPod today while laying on my chest for a good three hours.  I grabbed all of Sarah's classical CD's and made a playlist out of them so Stella was snoozing to Chopin, breathing to Beethoven and moving to Mozart.
Before doing so I asked the Ped doctor if it was ok to have Stella listen to music and he said yes, actually there's a person who goes around the NICU and plays music to the little tykes.
Since there are no headphones the size of Stella's head, and I wouldn't put headphones on her directly anyway, I put my headphones around my neck so she could hear the tunes through my chest as she lay there.

The Dr. upped Stella's food intake to 30ml, from 20, so another day of food increases which is right on track to her development.  She's doing better on maintiaining her own temperature so that probe was taken off her little foot and the temp in her incubator was turned down.

I forgot to charge the batteries for my camera so I didn't get any photos yesterday.

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